Cornell Place Apartments – footsteps and voices are observed here.

Spring Grove Cemetery – One of the most unusual is at lot 100, rumor has it that there is a bronze bust of a man that contains his real eyes. Witnesses claim that the head will turn and look at you as you pass by.

Music Hall – Many workers who clean the building at night have seen and heard many strange things. One maintenance man was going in the maintenance elevator in the back of the building when he heard people whispering very angrily at him. As a historical note I should tell you that Music Hall was built over a pauper’s cemetery and in the 80’s when they were renovating they found many graves. Anyway one worker was in the building at night byhimself and he heard laughter coming from one of the ballrooms, when he investigated he saw several men and women dressed in 1800’s clothing.  This next event took place during the day and several women witnessed it. Several women were preparing for an event that was to be held there when they all heard a beautiful female voice. They searched the whole building but they found nothing. None of them felt threaten because the voice was so beautiful.

King’s Island theme park –   A little girl’s spirit is said to haunt King’s Island along with several other ghosts. The girl has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a pretty blue dress. She has been seen playing around in Water Works and scares tram drivers by playing hide-and-seek with them after the park is closed. She is thought to be buried in the cemetery that is located between the parking lot and the campgrounds which is on King’s Island property. Another ghost haunted the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. This ghost is thought to be the spirit of a young man who in a drunken stupor tried to climb the tower and fell to his death. It seems though that he has left. There is the ghost known as “the Beast” which haunts the roller coaster with the same name. Several guests have seen this ghost. There is a ghost that supposedly died on the ride “the Octopus”. There are many other spirits that roam this Paramount theme park.

Cincinnati Museum of Art – Security guards have reported seeing a 7-foot-tall specter which has no features and merely looks like a huge black “blur” that rises up from a mummy sarcophagus exhibit straight through the ceiling. Another time when the security guards would sneak and take their “catnaps” in the storage room, there was a glowing face hovering inches away from them as the woke.  They would proceed to try to evade the spirit but it would block their was as they would maneuver around the room.  It would then just simply disappear.

The Westwood Town Hall –  is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former security guard who was employed there when Westwood was an independent town before merging with others.  He was relieved of his position and hanged himself in a room close to the apartment that he lived in on the premises.  He is known as “Willy”. Several people have reported stage sets, costumes and orderly things found is disarray that were used in performances.

Country Hearth Hotel – Strange occurrences noted in room 331.  At night it gets ICY cold even when heat is on full blast.  Curtain opens and closes on its own and a loud pounding noise can be heard against the wall on the outside of the building near that room and 431 above it.  Also, personal items are moved about the room without knowledge.  Hotel personnel admits there have been some complaints by guests in the past.