Franklin Castle – A haunted castle located in downtown Cleveland has said to be haunted by a ghost that roams the hallways at night. Reporters who toured the house reported cold rooms and heard a child crying from the carriage house and heard music coming from the third floor ballroom. The family that lived there, reportedly said that their childs toys were missing and they would find clothing from the early 1900s.
Mt Sinai Hospital – The old school that is attached to the hospital is haunted. Footsteps can be heard, lights go on and off. Figures are seen out of the corner of your eye.

Franklin Castle – The local FOX news station did a live show on the premises. Needless to say this was very interesting. As I read in the Haunted Ohio series as one of the camera men and the news anchor were walking up the stairs, his well attached microphone and equipment was torn right off of him. This place was used for several different purposes. when it was a home as it is now, many of the residents have kept quiet about the paranormal activity that occurs there. Never the less, it is very creepy to just walk past or drive by looking at the windows since many drivers and local residents have apparently reported seeing people in the windows who are not tenants.

VARIETY THEATRE, LORAINE AVE – A figure in white has been seen on the first floor by the old water fountain. A man has been seen with red eyes in upper balcony. Noises have been heard on stage like workers. The stage noise is rumored to be a man that fell off lighting scaffold and died on stage.

Cedar Point Amusement Park – The carousel in the park is an old one, with hand carved horses. Legend has it that the man who carved the horses for the carousel caught his wife cheating on him with a jockey from the local horse track. He shot and killed them both for their infidelity. There is a black horse on the carousel with bones carved into his mane, and the image of a jockey is carved into the saddle of another horse. Employees have reported hearing the music of the carousel at night while it spins backwards. They have also reported leaving it at night and arriving the next morning to find the horses in different positions.

Hamlin hall – This place is rumored to be haunted by a young man who died in the building. People have reported to have seen a young man around and have him disappear. Also cold spots round stairwell, where he died.