Kelton House – the ghost of Grace Bird Kelton is seen in this house.

Old Governor’s Mansion – the ghost of a black woman dress in old fashion type clothes has been seen here.

Greenlawn Cemetery – is a site of multiple hauntings. The main mausoleum is haunted, as are a lot of the graves in the main cemetery.

Columbus State Community College – The ghosts that haunt it are there because the school was built directly on top of a Catholic cemetery. It is a few blocks away from Kelton house, mentioned above.

Mirror Lake- Ohio State – There was a student who drowned in Mirror Lake at Ohio State University back in the sixties. Every once in a while at night, there are sounds of water splashing and a guy screaming…but there is no one there.

The Air and Space Museum – Haunted by the pilots of the old planes. Security guards hear planes start up at night and some have seen ghosts lurking around the museum during their night shift.