Oakwood High School – In the city’s south suburbs, has long been the sight of two hauntings. One is said to be that of a young man who hung himself in the junior hallway some time in the sixties or seventies. Fleeting glimpses of a male figure as well as footsteps are heard throughout the high school. The second haunting, which I unfortunately do not have background information on, is that of a young girl. Oakwood high school is very old, Built in the early Twenties directly over the sight of a house on a previous estate, so there is really no telling how far back this one goes. Anyway, the girl is said to be seen pretty specifically in the junior hallway. People have even reported walking buy a well dressed young girl seated on one of the benches in the hallway late at night.

Woodland Cemetery – There is a tombstone in there that a young girl sits on. When she is sitting on her grave there is a glow to it at night. A college student spotted her while doing a report. He tried to talk to her but no response. She look’s normal and clear like anybody else. She’s wearing tennis shoes, a sweatshirt and jeans.

Witches Tower – It is a tower about 6 stories high which was built on top of a burial ground in the time of the Civil War. The legend is that a woman climbed to the top of it one night and committed suicide. and actually see her standing up there, in a long black robe walking around on the top, and looking over the edge.

The Victoria Theater – The ghost is a former actress from the 20’s. After one of her many performances, she went up to her dressing room, locked the door, and was never heard from again. No one knows exactly what happened to her. Over time, people had forgotten about her, until the theater was being re-decorated. That is when the strange occurrences began. When people were there late at night by themselves, they would see her or they’d hear her. The lights would go off and on and there were odd sounds. Rose perfume is what she had been wearing the night she disappeared. That is how you can tell it is her by the scent of rose perfume.

The Victoria Theater is located in Downtown Dayton on Main St. People have claimed to see a woman in old-fashioned dress frequenting the theater. She has been sighted after hours and during performances.

Air Force Museum – Little Vietnamese boy who walks the museum at night. He was said to have died in one of the helicopters. Another haunting I have seen is a nazi fighter plane the pilot who had crashed and died, the plane was restored and the pilot waves out the window to visitors.

Patterson Homestead Historic Museum – Apparently the Patterson’s are still there. Staff report rocking chairs rocking on their own, items moved about, cold spots in certain rooms, one room that is always cold (Mrs. Patterson’s bedroom, and the aroma of a good home cooked meal (it isn’t really there. But Mrs. Patterson liked to cook and entertain. We figure she is still cooking.