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I was with my whole family on Christmas night 2007 and I had gotten a new dell laptop. I put it up for the night and got into bed. When I got up that morning the laptop was gone. I spent the next half hour tearing up the place looking for it. When I was about to give up when I looked back in my room on my desk and right there it was like nobody touched it and I was freaked out. I asked my mom if I could sleep with the television on and she said yes. I got into bed and for the next hour I was tossing and turning until he television turned off on its own. I turned it back on and 30 seconds it turned off again then I heard a voice in m head. It said GO TO SLEEP! in a muffled sounding voice. So I immediately closed my eyes and mourned my self to sleep. That morning I awoke with the flu so I couldn’t do anything that day. I was lying in bed when my alarm clock started beeping without me setting it and I through my hammer at it and it smashed to bits. I cracked a smile and went to sleep.

Those where my poltergeist encounters that I will surely never forget.

Those where my..