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One night, a band called Vamps went to do a concert. It HAD to end before 11:30. 11:30 was when they had to go to sleep. Their mom wanted them to get to bed or else they couldn’t sing anymore. They did the concert and about 500 fans were screaming their names. But they found out it was 11:25! They hurried back to the house, their mom was serving dinner. “Ma, why are you serving dinner right now?” Joyce, the lead singer asked. “Oh, no reason.” she replied. They ate dinner, at 11:59 they thought they should go to bed. Then, their mom came in and told them to go to sleep in weird boxes. (hint: coffins, but they didn’t know they were coffins) They agreed, but fussed about giving up their cozy bunks. Then at 12:00 (their clock was set 2 minutes ahead, so now the time is by the moon’s position.) their mom came in to kiss them goodnight, but for some reason she bit them! “Ow what was that about?!” Sarah, the backup yelled. The mom ignored them, she had piercing red eyes, a pale face, bony fingers, and fangs!

Next year, at the same time as they were bit, they suddenly had a thirst for blood. They realized tonight was their Halloween concert! When they went, their 10,000 fans screamed and ran. They looked at their faces in the mirror, and —
What happened? Nobody heard of the vamps since. but, sometimes on Halloween, people would hear their song:
What goes BUMP in the night?
What gives you a chilling fright?
I can’t see without the light!
The vampies that’s who!
Then a horrifying scream would break out. it always seemed to be supersticious people, or people who believe in the paranormall, who would never be seen, except for Halloween!
Author: Joyce Bloodshire