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I was walking home from school one day, me and my friend. My friend had all these video games about ghost hunting and all that stuff. I myself, a stubborn teenager, did not believe in ghosts, though I still liked to look up threads and posts about them.

I was talking to him about my girlfriend’s birthday party I was invited to. He said he already had plans that night. I asked him what he was doing and he said, ” I am going to spend the night in the woods for camping, alone!” He said. By the way he said it I could tell he was excited about this.
I was thinking about if I wanted to go with him camping or go the the party. If I went to the party, he would have to go into the woods alone, and if I went camping, I wouldn’t get to go to this awesome party.
I decided to just go camping with my friend, who’s name is Daren. I asked my parents if I could go camping with Daren on Friday and they said yes.
as I excitedly inched through the school week it came to Friday evening. I was packing my stuff in my room when my parents came in and told me if I had gotten into any trouble call for help.
I slyly said bye and took off out the front door and saw my friend near the entrance of the woods. It was 6:00 so it was getting dark out. I was trying to convince him to just come to my house and watch movies all night, but he insisted to go into the woods. After we set up the tent, and built a fire ( I was in boy-scouts and knew how to build one ) I took out some marshmallows to toast. We where going to go to bed in the tent, but we heard a large snapping noise. Earlier we where hearing noises not worried about them, but this one in particular, was worrying. If this was by a ghost, which I highly doubted, I got out my camera, in case something was there. When I opened my iPhone’s camera opened I was terrified by what I saw.
I saw a face with the expression of a dying person, Looking straight into my eyes. I yelled for Daren to run with me but he was running in the direction towards the ghost. I was yelling at him both worried and angry at him to follow me, but he was not there anywhere. I frantically was running around the place searching for Daren, when I caught glimpse of the highway. He was waving for me to come over there. I had 2 seconds to feel relieved before he had the terrified expression on his face. I turned around and the ghost was right behind me.
I was momentarily paralyzed before it screeching, GET OUT!! I backed away from it and ran to Daren before realizing I had dropped my iPhone in the bushels. I couldn’t call anybody! I ran with Daren across the highway glancing to the right, only to be struck by a car.
I woke up in the hospital with both my legs and my right arm broken, good thing I am a lefty, with my parents hunched over the foot of the bed. Daren had told them the whole story, only I was relieved that mom and dad where not mad. It took about 3 months to recover from my injuries, and the police investigated the woods we camped in, seeing that a bloody mutilated body was found in a pile of leaves. About 5 years later, I married my girlfriend when I was 22 year of age. Nobody had told her the story of when I was 17 years old and I went in the woods. She was surprised about her never hearing this, but I was okay with it. This is indeed a true story so do not bother me about this being fake.
Author: Austin

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