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One day i was sleeping at my friends house and we were playing hide n seek in the dark . her mum was out so it was only me and her left in the house. then when i went to find her i heard a big bang so i shouted her. then when i shouted again she ran out with a scream from down stairs i asked what was wrong and she said their was something down stairs then we locked ourselves in her room and later on we heard foot steps we got so scared we hid under the bed something or somebody stood next to the bed we thought it will kill us but it walked away then her mum came back home and was shouting us.the person next to the bed jumped out the window we rapidly came out to see him but he wasn’t in the garden (this is a true story plz believe me) we r never gonna play hide and seek in the dark alone again!!!
Author: ala and natalia

hide and seek in the dark, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating