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When i saw him on my bed i screamed and ran, as i was running i felt a yank in my hair and being drug into my room and then the closet as i heard a click.

“Hey let me out of hear”, i screamed. “Not until you behave my dear, then i will let you out”.he said. I began to cry, “please let me out”. “fine” he
finally said as he swung open the closet door and¬†allowed me to stand up and walk over to my bed and sit down. Just as i did a yawn escaped my mouth. “you must be tired”, he said. “i glanced at the alarm clock as it read 3:45 am! “im going to bed, now get out”!, i said. “only if you let me spend the night”, he declared. “i rolled my eyes”, “fine you can sleep over”, i said as i fell asleep with Ben’s eyes watching me. I woke up to find ben gone the next morning and a note on my desk. The note read: “Sorry i had to leave so early, i left cleverbot on if you wanna talk. As i looked in the bottom right hand corner of the paper there was a note. The note read: PS: I WILL BE BACK TO PLAY VERY SOON MY

Author: #1 creepypasta lover

How I Met Ben Drowned #3, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings