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This story happened to my stepfather when he was around 10 years old. He lived in the country, so the houses were far away from each other. Anyway it was around 5:00AM in the morning that he was on his way to school. It was dark and while he walked he heard someone or something making a PST sound. He turned around and did not see anything. He was walking on an old road and there were no trees so it was impossible for someone to be hiding and making sounds he kept walking and again he heard pst sound so again he turned around. Then he heard it for the 3rd time so he decided to stand there and wait for it to make the sound again. To his surprise he heard a voice saying “come with me, this way is faster- we can go with the car and it will be faster.” My stepfather then told me- it was like if someone was beside me talking to me, but there was no one. He then told me that is hair stood up on his back and started to run to his grandmothers house. Creepy i told him. He then said to me- I wonder what would happened if i responded to that voice.
Author: Diana

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