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Story: Ok, i have kept tis a secret all my life. i had a dream about a haunted house one night. i wasnt to bothered. i woke up the next morning and mum said, “were going to a haunted house today” we set off. “you can go in your own” so i did. in there i saw 3 boys and one girl. they were in front of me.”can you hurry up please?” i said “you want us to hurry up? is this ok?” they dissapered in front of my eyes. i assumed it was in my i got to the end of the house there was a slide. They were there. They turned around, blood was streaming down their faces. the girl had a knife. she dropped it. and they all went down the slide. when they came back down they had no legs,they floated towards me. i ran screaming. Whats the matter” mum said i told her but she didnt belive me. i havnt spoken of that day since. And now i have a feeling they are coming back to get me.

Author: Annoymous