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A couple of nights ago I heard a very loud banging in my house at around one in the morning, followed by a loud high pitched screaming. The house was really cold and the banging went on for around 2 minutes. Me being stupid as I am, I went to investigate. As soon as I hopped out of bed I became freezing cold, like I was inside of a grocery store freezer for an hour without any escape. I was shivering and walked downstairs. As soon as I reach the bottom of the stairs, I regretted ever going downstairs. I saw a creature in the shape of a tall man. He had a jagged body like a dull knife blade, but with a dark gas or mist. It had large purple eyes with a scary mark on it’s forehead. I have been experiencing things ever since.

Author: yoyosareawesome

SCARY DEMON IN HAUNTED CITY, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings