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That House On The Corner (true story)
Story: When I was about thirteen or fourteen ( this was like 20 years ago, I forget ) I lived in this neighborhood with the creepiest house ever on the corner block. It had all the windows boarded up, what I thought was a type of mold or fungus growing on the walls, ad I would frequently see mice or rats running around in there. Point of story: we avoided this house.

On Halloween that year me and my 3 other friends where walking home from school, me, Jackson, Paul, and Henry. All four of us took a quick glance at the old house and looked at eachother with smiles on all our faces. Then all of a sudden Jackson blurts out, ” 20 dollars for the person who spends the night at this house tonight, you know, it being Halloween and everything.
I needed the money to buy a new skate board so, I took the bet.
I finished my homework and cleared it with my parents and to my surprise they allowed me to spend the night as long as I didn’t get into ay trouble.
I packed : a flash light, snacks ( like chips and other stuff ), a couple water bottles, and my phone, in case I had to call in an emergency. It was raining out so I almost didn’t go to the house, but my friend bribed me for a higher 30 dollars to spend the night so I took the bet for good.
I was standing out on the front turf of the house, gazing at the old disgusting building. I was walking up the front porch stairs and as I hesitated to open the door, I looked back at my friends and saw Jackson taunting me with : ” Come on go inside! You scared”? I sneered at him and went inside the house.
It was a pretty big house, but still it looked creepy. Istarted playing minecraft on my phone when suddenly I heard a loud bang from the direction of the front door. I looked outside the window to see if it was one of my friends still there, but they were gone. I looked around the room to try to locate the source of the noice. Nothing showed anything about the noice. I got kinda freaked out about the noice, but I just raised my alertness. It was getting late, about 10.00 o-clock so I lie down on the couch and fell asleep.
I was awoken what seems like 4 or 5 hours later by what seems like a huge banging sound from upstairs so I went to investigate. What I saw when I got upstairs was terrifying. I saw the figure of a human shifting towards me. I looked at it in terror and then it screeched “GET OUT”!
I ran outside, the door flinging off it’s hinges and onto the front porch. I ran in the direction of my house, not stopping even though it felt like my lungs where on fire. When I got to my house, I ran straight into my room and collapsed onto my bed terrified out of my mind.
My parents came rushing into my room to calm me down. Hardly any of it worked, the look of terror on my face was like it was frozen.
The next day at school I told my friends the story and they where actually proud of me. I finally got the ghost out of my mind a couple days later and everything after that went fine.
The End
Ps, I still got my 30 bucks. 😀