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In a creepy old house I
found a creepy old doll.
I bent to pick it up

and boy did I take a fall.
I stood up had a lump
on my head, but
otherwise alright.
I looked out the window,
day had turned to night.
I looked and looked but
did not find the doll.
I turned to leave and there
it was hanging by it’s neck
against the wall.
It’s creepy smile seemed to say,
“Come and play with me my friend.
We can play forever without
any end.”
To get out of this house
I ran for the door.
But there was no way out.
It was not there any more.
Through the window I
threw a heavy bust.
The window smashed and
there was a ton of dust.
I looked out the window
but there was no ground,
we seemed to be
floating in air.
I said, “No, no
this just isn’t fair!”
I felt a hand upon
my shoulder, I let
out a scream.
I heard someone say
“Wake up honey
your having a dream.”
I opened my eyes
to see my husbands
concerned face.
I breathed a sigh of
relief, I was in
a safe place.
My eyes grew heavy
and as I was returning
to sleep, I heard
my husband say,
“Go back to sleep
my friend,
then you
can play forever
without any end.”
Shirley Smothers
Author: Shirley Smothers


The Creepy old House, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating