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there was a house in my street and nobody lived there, the door was always unlocked curtains were shut, i always wondered if nobody lived there then why is the door unlocked, but the curtains were shut. when this happened i was sixteen. And me and my boy friend were in love and we were happy. i invited over my house oneday and we were going . ” ok but don’t go in the house in the end” we agreed and when out, The trouble was my Boyfriend was a daredevil. Come on lets go n the house” i said no but finally gave in what was the worst that could happen?the house was creaky and scary but he wasnt bothered i wanted to go but said no we heard a baby crying we went to investigate. nothing. but there was a white figure on the bed, it looked like dust. a ghost. she was holding a knife she came soaring towards not me but my boy friend she stabbed him and he fell to the floor thaen sh dissapred “alex” i sobbedi piked up the body after i checked him over, but he was dead. i took him to hospital but i was distraught. i went him to see him. i touched him and a figure flew out “Katie, its me i wont hurt you, i want to tell you i love you and i will go to heaven, i will be your gaurdian angel please be happy” i noticed he had white dusty wings. He was right i am protected. Alex Angel, my guardian angel For ever. we always said to eachother you and me against the world. And i belive it’s true. x

Author: Katie Eden