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I was about 10-12 years old living in Minot, North Dakota and had been staying at a friend’s house overnight. We were just being regular young girls having a sleepover when we started some story telling. About part way through the night a lightning storm blew in. There was no rain just lightning and thunder.

We were in her parents living room. They were upstairs asleep. The stair way that led to them was behind us. The front door was on my left. It was an average white door with a small glass window on the top. A few couches sat in front of us and in front of them were 2 glass windows with light curtains hanging from them. On our right was a sliding glass door that led to the side yard which also was covered by a thin material so as to keep people from looking in.
We were laughing and having a fun time when a flash of lightning caught our eye from the door. It looked as if there was someone standing there about to knock. All we could see was a shadow. Thinking someone was there we stopped laughing and started watching intently.
Another flash of lightning lit up a brief shadow of a person with a hat standing just outside their door. The hat was completely even as if the person was looking in the etched glass. We froze in place. The next flash showed no one there. We sighed in relief.

Just as we were about to continue on when a roll of thunder caught our attention causing us to look up again. This time the shadowed head and hat was boxed in one of the windows in front of us. Once again the rim of the hat was flat the head even with the window.

Another flash of lightning showed the shadow on the next window. The rim of the hat slightly bent as if watching the ground as the hatted man walked. By this time we were clenching onto each other in utter freight.

The storm quieted down for a moment as if it held its breath just as we were holding our own. Moments passed like an eternity. Each second dragging on to the next as we waited to for the shadow.

A loud boom echoed across the room with the brightest flash of light I have ever seen lit the entire house. The shadow was now at the sliding glass door. The silhouette was that of an average sized man. We gasped and held onto each other harder. We tried to scream but fear took our voices from us.

Thunder rolled again as the lightning flashed. The man’s head was turned directly to us a knife in his right hand as if he was ready to strike.

Darkness surrounded us. We had no redeeming source of light. Even the storm gave us no light as it left us. Time froze as we waited for the man with the hat to enter. Nothing. No one. Silence.

We couldn’t wait any longer. We didn’t want fate to take us whenever she decided it was time. Together we walked to the door and brushed the coverings aside. There was no one around. We looked as far as we could see down the street and to the side of her house without opening the door, but the only thing that greeted us was the dim glow of the street light next to the entrance of a school a little ways down the road that began to relight as the power turned back on.

We both looked at each other. We hadn’t been crazy, we both saw the man. Then we both saw the man disappear. To this day neither one of us have brushed aside the things we saw that night nor will we.

Author: J Ann