AMC’s smash hit show The Walking Dead isn’t just great entertainment. You can also pick up valuable tips for surviving azombies zombie apocalypse from the show. Even though a zombie apocalypse might seem far-fetched scientists say it could happen. A viral pandemic could cause catastrophic harm, like a zombie outbreak, to humans. Biological weapons are being engineered all the time, and the next massive terrorist strike could be in the form of a contagion that causes people to turn into zombies.

If you want to be able to survive a zombie outbreak you need to start preparing now. The Center for Disease Control’s zombie outbreak preparation guide is a good start, but the tips you can really use to survive after the zombie apocalypse can all be found in The Walking Dead. Use these tips to start preparing your bug out bags and secret locations now so that you will… Continue reading

scaryThere are various reasons why people like horror movies. Some people enjoy watching other people fend for their lives while they sit in the safety of their own homes. Other people simply have a sick predilection to see a lot of blood, while others enjoy the unique killings that they get to witness on-screen. The main thing is that they get to stay safe while all this happens in the movies.


The bad guys are some of the most anticipated parts of horror movies. After all, what would a horror movie be without a crazy killer with a hockey mask or a ghost that scares the wits out of people, right? And who can forget the most famous monsters in movie history or even jack Nicholson in “The Shining”? Horror movies have proven that with enough creativity and ingenuity, anything and anybody can become scary – even female aliens.… Continue reading

Even though the economy is still recovering and consumers are still struggling celebrating Halloween is more popular than ever, in part because Halloween celebrations can really cement a community. When Trick or Treating was the most popular, during the 1950sand 60s, all the neighborhood kids would be out in costumes on Halloween night Trick or Treating with parents in tow. Neighbors would good naturedly compete to see who could create the scariest decorations. Coming together to celebrate a holiday will build a community and it will also give the people who live in the neighborhood the opportunity to meet their neighbors and to get an idea of who belongs in the neighborhood, which can be important for safety. These days with people moving in and out of neighborhoods frequently Halloween is the perfect way to get to know the neighbors, no matter where you live. Here are some fun community… Continue reading