AMC’s smash hit show The Walking Dead isn’t just great entertainment. You can also pick up valuable tips for surviving azombies zombie apocalypse from the show. Even though a zombie apocalypse might seem far-fetched scientists say it could happen. A viral pandemic could cause catastrophic harm, like a zombie outbreak, to humans. Biological weapons are being engineered all the time, and the next massive terrorist strike could be in the form of a contagion that causes people to turn into zombies.

If you want to be able to survive a zombie outbreak you need to start preparing now. The Center for Disease Control’s zombie outbreak preparation guide is a good start, but the tips you can really use to survive after the zombie apocalypse can all be found in The Walking Dead. Use these tips to start preparing your bug out bags and secret locations now so that you will be one of the few left standing after the zombie outbreak:

Start hoarding baby wipes – Place a few containers of wipes in your bug out bag and start stockpiling them in your secret location. If there’s one thing that you can learn from The Walking Dead it’s that life after the zombie apocalypse is really filthy. Sweat, dirt, and of course zombie blood and guts are a part of everyday life once society falls and there won’t always be clean water around to wash up with. Making sure you have a steady supply of wipes will help you stay cool, clean, and infection free. You can also use them to trade for essentials like food and drinking water.

Start lifting weights now – Killing zombies is physically demanding. If you don’t work out regularly now you had better get started. Eventually you will run out of ammunition. Then you will need to kill zombies using bats, a machete, a sword, or whatever else is handy. That takes a lot of arm strength. Start lifting weight and making sure that you have the physical strength necessary to punch through a human skull if necessary. If you’re being attacked by Walkers you may only get one chance to save your own life.

Don’t forget cardio training – You also need to start running in order to build up strength and stamina. Walkers are pretty persistent, but they’re slow. If you are in good enough shape you can run away from any situation where you can’t kill the Walkers attacking you. You may also need to outrun other people who try to take your stuff. Either way there will be a lot of running. Get ready now.

If someone in your group dies put them down before they turn – One of the most consistent mistakes made by the characters in The Walking Dead is not immediately putting down anyone who dies. Don’t make that fatal mistake. Even if someone is not bitten they will become a zombie after death. Don’t sit and watch them or put them in a barn hoping a cure will be found. Put them down immediately to save your life and the lives of the rest of the people in your group. If you don’t have the courage to kill them and instead wait for them to attack you and turn you into a zombie then at least give the rest of the group your baby wipes. Sharing is caring.