scaryThere are various reasons why people like horror movies. Some people enjoy watching other people fend for their lives while they sit in the safety of their own homes. Other people simply have a sick predilection to see a lot of blood, while others enjoy the unique killings that they get to witness on-screen. The main thing is that they get to stay safe while all this happens in the movies.


The bad guys are some of the most anticipated parts of horror movies. After all, what would a horror movie be without a crazy killer with a hockey mask or a ghost that scares the wits out of people, right? And who can forget the most famous monsters in movie history or even jack Nicholson in “The Shining”? Horror movies have proven that with enough creativity and ingenuity, anything and anybody can become scary – even female aliens.


Something that the majority of horror movie goers never seem to understand is why a lot of heroes in horror movies go downstairs or outside to investigate whenever they hear strange noises. In real life, people won’t hesitate to leave their houses if they felt like a stranger was inside their home. However, without this character flaw, moviegoers would never enjoy the kind of interaction that they tend to have with the characters in horror movies. Besides, the more stupid things a character does in a horror movie, the more there will be to talk about after the movie.


Without a doubt, filmmakers have gone through various collaborations through the years to come up with great horror movies for people to enjoy. However, through those same years, a lot of the horror movies that came out were also lousy and cheesy, such as The Exorcist Part 2 or Motel Hell.


If you have been watching horror movies since you were a kid, then your tolerance for bad and cheesy horror movies is probably higher than most. In fact, you might even love these cheesy movies and wouldn’t mind watching them over and over again.


One reason why some people tolerate bad horror movies is because they know that the genre of horror is completely different from other movie genres out there. They tend to lend themselves to bad stories and bad acting more, for example. In fact, if you think about all of the movies that you have seen in your lifetime and then put a percentage on the amount of bad movies that you have watched, most of them will probably be horror movies. Think about it.


On that note, true horror movie lovers understand going in that there is a big chance that they will leave the theater with a bad feeling in their stomach or the feeling that they just wasted their time. They also understand that the title and the trailer of the movie has nothing to do with what the next hour and a half or so will have to offer. They simply watch horror movies to be part of the experience as a whole.