Asheville – Reed House – the sounds of pool being played can be heard.

Beaufort – Hammock House – balls of light and blood stains that can’t be washed away are observed here.

Charlotte – Founders College – Founders Hall is haunted by a girl whose corpse was sold to the medical school here.

Fayetteville – Slocomb House – A young woman in black appears on the steps here.

Chapel Hill – Dromgoole’s Castle – There’s a legend regarding this strange house not too far from the campus of The University of North Carolina. A man who was in love with a young woman discovered she was in love with a friend of his, so hey had a pistol duel at his house and he was mortally wounded. In his dying moments, he fell on a flat rock that is now stained with his blood to this very day. Student have reported his sad ghost agonizing cries from his fatal wound as well as his girlfriend who died not long after his untimely death.

Jamestown – Jamestown Bridge – On stormy, foggy nights the spirit of a young girl in a prom dress is seen standing under the bridge as you pass it. The girl was killed in a car crash on the way from her prom and is still trying to get a ride home but when picked up she always vanishes before reaching her destination.

Asheville – Grove Park Inn – There is a lady dressed in pink that haunts this Inn. You can see her and here her late at night. Several guests and employees have had several encounters with her. She is said to be the wife of the famous writer Fitzgerald. You can usually here doors slamming, laughter, and talking from rooms that are not used. She was said to have fallen from one of the windows and died.

Lenoir – South Caldwell High School – has two ghosts. One is from a guy who was building the elevator and he fell. The elevator goes up and down late at night when the accident happened. The elevator opens and closes and goes up and down for or five times at night. Also the theater has a ghost that was a student but she died when she was rehearsing for a play. Now before opening night of any play she causes allot of mischief with the set, lights, and props. She has caused allot of black outs and such right before opening night.

Linville – Linville Gorge – lights have mysteriously appeared for years… There are two legends associated with these lights, one is they are the spirit of an indian maiden who is in search of her brave that never returned from battle… the other is it is the spirit of a faithful slave who is in search of his master who was accidentally wounded while hunting ….whatever they are, they appear nightly in the gorge, with no set pattern ,they weave in and out of the trees until they reach the edge of the river, then they disappear only to reappear in another spot. They are known as the Brown Mountain lights.

Wilmington – Old Maco Station – the ghost of a conductor named Joe Baldwin is said to haunt the Old Maco Station after getting run over by a train on the night of 1867. People say very time at night a train pulls in Maco Station you can see a figure of a man with a lantern in his hand swing it to make the train stop.

Fayetteville – Railroad tracks – There is this ghost that has been there since 1700’s, .its called the Vander Light. Its a ghost that got killed when was on a train and he went out on the train to smoke a cigarette and the train slammed on brakes and he fell off and it cut his head off and ever since that every time you go down to the railroad tracks there is a lantern and its a ghost looking for his head and if you walk up the tracks and try to get close to it will disappear and when you turn around its behind you again.

Sparta – Court House – In the evening and at night voices, laughter, whistling, and footsteps can be heard upstairs in the old jail area.

Ashville -The Biltmore Estate – is said to be haunted by a lady in black employees report hearing footsteps on the second floor.

Whiteville – Heartbeat Bridge – This bridge was named Heartbeat Bridge because years ago a murdered woman’s heart was thrown into the swamp at the bridge and sounds of a beating heart can be heard there. loud screeching noise then a pop can be heard too.

Whiteville – Old Tram Road – while traveling this road have seen what appeared to be taillights in the distance. They would disappear and headlight s would show up. The car was translucent and no driver was present. . The ghost car will chase you to the end of the road, where a church stands and the light just disappear.

Kings Mountain – Oak Grove – during the time of the revolutionary war a tavern was located at a crossroads’ now the intersection of Oak Grove and Stoney Point roads, the legend is that a British soldier carrying stolen plans was in route to warn the British as he stopped at the tavern for a rest he was identified as a Brit and killed by the inn keeper, and on moonlit nights you can see him at the crossroads, he always looks confused, as you try to approach he disappears.

Ocracoke Island – Ocracoke Inlet – near the Pamlico Sound .There is one ghost by the name of Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the pirate. The type of activity are usually phantom and ghost light, His demeanor is very violent so proceed with caution when going to the Ocracoke Islands.

Asheville – Helens’ Bridge – When the Zalandia Castle caught fire, a woman named Helen lost her only child. A daughter. Helen was so crushed by the loss she hung herself from the bridge right down the road from the castle. On Halloween night go to the bridge and try to conjure Helen. If she is successfully called, you car will mess up in some way that you can’t get down the mountain.

Concord – The Old Court House Theater – The theater used to be in the old court house but it was moved to an old church. The ghost there is called the “Deacon” he basically moves things around.

Dunn -Old Bluff Church
In about the 1820’s on a Halloween day this church was having sermon and the preacher flipped out and killed every one in there and now if you go to the church and you read the big stone memorial and walk up to the doors and read the sign and do what it tells you to than you will see a man holding a lantern and he will wave you on.

Asheville-Jackson Building
You can see a face in one of the top windows, thought to be the face of a man who committed suicide after loosing everything during the great depression.

Asheville-home to Channel 13 WLOS-
It is said to be haunted by a servant when the building was home to Dr. Samuel Westray Battle. The ghost’s name is Alice and is said to walk around the building and play with the TV equipment. She is said to be also the Pink Lady, because The Battle mansion is next to the Grove Park Inn, and she has been seen walking over to the Inn.

Columbia -There is a area called dolly field and no one lives up there and if you go up there at night this man name Larry that use to live up there in a old house but died some years back will come after you with his tractor some people have been chase by this man.

Marion-A women is supposed to haunt Pleasant Gardens Baptist church. Students who attended Pleasant Gardens Elementary school have reported a women dressed in pink walking down the road with a knife the following day after someone put pink flowers on her grave.

Fremont-It is told, that on dark summer nights, a light will travel, down the railroad tracks, and it appears, to be like a lantern, the story goes that a local man, lost his head, after being in a drunk state, was killed by the train, it is said that, he searches for his lost head. Many locales claim to have see the light, and claims it chases them, it is said that if, the light catches you, you could die!

Atlantic Beach-Fort Macon-There is said to believe that civil war ghosts haunt the top of the fort and watch for the union soldiers to attack. And there has been accounts on which during World War 2 the main gate was closed on it own while the guards were keeping watch on the place

Morganton-School for the Deaf-Main Building-
There is a woman who killed in about 1850-1900. She always walk thought longest hall and stopped and looked at mirror and brushed her long hair if students saw her she will disappear quickly…she wear very white dress and her hair is light red/brown…

Raleigh-There is an old baby orphanage that was burned down by the woman that owned the place. They say you can hear the children crying and laughing on the swings that still stand charred and broken, and at the gate stands a man with a hood, something like the gatekeeper.

Siler City-The Devil’s Tramping Ground
It is a patch of land in a perfect circle- 40 feet across, the perimeter of which is a path about a foot wide. It’s said that the devil himself walks that path every night pacing as he spins his evil deeds, no one has ever been able to spend the night there, and nothing will grow on the path, it is said that anything placed in the circle will disappear by the next morning.

Rural Hall-There is local legend about a man who killed his family, it is said that he haunts the area and once you leave he haunts your dreams. Also an early 1930’s type car has been seen by a few people but once off of Payne Rd. the car disappears.

Warensville – Devil Stairs – On certain nights around 12:00 a young woman can be seen walking up and down the road. She has on a prom dress. The old folks will tell you she’ll open the car door and get in, and down the road she’ll get back out.

Laurinburg – Gravity Hill – It was once said that a woman and her kid and dog were killed when their car stalled and an 18-wheeler came by and hit them instantly. And from that day on, if you park at the bottom of the hill and cut your car off, she is known to push you back up the hill out of harms ways.

Garner -Right off Timber Drive in Garner, there are the graves of two slaves from the Civil War era. At night when it is storming people have claimed seeing them sitting on their graves with bloody eyes.

Cullowhee – The Moore Building at Western Carolina University
The Moore Building is located in the old section of campus. It was the original dormitory for female students studying to become teachers. The third floor is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman that committed suicide after her fiancé was killed in W.W.II. Students have reported seeing her form wandering the hall late at night, and are often awakened by the sounds of sobbing. Moore was converted into a classroom building because students began to complain of the strange occurrences. Some even refused to live there, saying they would drop out before setting foot on the third floor. Since the conversion, little activity has occurred, although some students have reported still hearing someone walking around and crying.

Camp Lejuene Marine Base -It is said that if you are driving through the back gate of the marine base at night, you will see a woman in white walking along the road. The guards in the guard shack have heard many strange noises. It is believed that the woman was killed in a car accident.

Ashville – The Grove Park Inn
A woman wearing all pink fell to her death here around 1920. When you get close to room 545, it seems to get cold. Guests have reported seeing “The Pink Lady” from the corner of their eyes. She is known to tickle toes at night while visitors are attempting to sleep.

Midland – Potters Field -Legend states that The Knights of The White Chameleons chased a black kid through this field. He had supposedly raped one of the member’s daughters. The kid was beaten and buried alive. If you go to Potters Field on the day it happened, which is March 8, you can hear muffled screams coming from the ground.

Boone – East Hall at Appalachian State University
East Hall is one of the dormitories for the college and is said to be haunted. Student assistants have reported being followed by unknown footsteps when on their rounds after midnight. People have also claimed that the lights will suddenly turn off in halls and you can feel someone brush against you. You can also hear whispering voices in the hallway.

Winston-Salem – Theatre #2 -A man died in this theatre and things have not been the same since. Employees have reported numerous problems with the projection booth equipment that cannot be explained. The problems get progressively worse the closer it gets to Halloween. People have also claimed to see apparitions and hear strange noises. Some employees have even quit because of the ghost.

Concord – Sally’s Bridge -Sally’s Bridge is an old bridge off Poplar Tent Road. A young high school girl and her baby were driving here one night in the rain and ran into a creek. Sally could not find her baby, but they both died eventually. If you stop on the bridge, she will do anything she can to get you to help her find her baby. People have reported a frantic looking woman knocking on car doors and trying to open car windows.

Warensville-Devil Stairs-On certain nights around 12:00 a young woman can be seen walking up and down the road. She has on a prom dress. The old folks will tell you she’ll open the car door and get in, and down the road she’ll get back out. Round hear we don’t walk around in the middle of the night.

Wendell-Morpheus Bridge-An old bridge down Morpheus Bridge Road in Wendell. It is said that in the 1940’s a man drove off the bridge and him, his wife, and baby daughter were killed. If you park on the bridge at midnight on Halloween and turn off your engine and headlights his wife will appear in front of your car, searching for her child.

Winston-Salem – At Salem College for Women in North Carolina, there is said to be strange apparitions and screaming coming from the second floor of the Gramley Building. Rumor has it that 2 girls back in 1907 murdered themselves by electrocution. Many claim to hear the cries and see the lights at least once a week.

Lumberton – Meadowbrook Cemetery -Many people claim that they sometimes see Claire Townsend, a young lady who died on her wedding night in the early 1900’s, strolling through the cemetery late at night.

Newton-Old St.Pauls Church In the 1800’s an escaped slave was shot on the balcony by his slave master. To this day the blood of the slave is on a pew on the balcony where he was shot. Several people have reported hearing the organ of the church playing late at night.

Chesterfield-Shadowline Park Shadows of demon dogs walking around the park. Figures around the bathrooms where mysterious murders happened, and an overwhelming sense of dread.

Smithfield-Acid Park The story behind Acid Park is that a young teenage girl was driving one night while she was tripping on acid and wrecked her car and died. People say that her father dreamed about what he thought she was seeing when she wrecked. After that he put up all these reflectors which is supposed to what he saw in his dreams. The car is still there on the dirt road. There are single reflectors placed everywhere which is supposed to be the places the girl was seen after her death.

Jacksonville– New Bridge middle school This school has a basement and it is heard sometimes on stormy days people bagging around in it. Like their trying to get out of the locked doors. Also upstairs the doors uncannily slam shut by them selves.

Brown Mtn.(near Grandfather Mtn.)-Brown Mountain– The Brown Mountain lights appear along the ridge of the mountain, moving erratically. They are best seen from a distance; they disappear as you climb the mountain. No one knows what they are, but the sightings have gone on for so long that the Cherokees who inhabited the area have stories about them.

Havelock, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.
It is said the ghost of Kissy Sikes haunts the air field looking for her children, she does not like men and the men who yell at kids are in big trouble, there is a story of a young Lcpl on post was found the next morning huddled in a ball in the corner of the guard shack crying she wants her kids, she wants her kids.

Danbury-Davis Chapel Church– It is said that a woman who was stood up at the alter there killed herself in the church and can be seen walking around searching for her lost fiancée and the sounds of her sobbing can be heard all through the night.

Lenoir – Mulberry Home Care After dark a ghost of a little girl comes out and she moves things around and messes with the computers. She’ll unlock doors and leave them open. The custodian has taken the light bulb out of the socket several times but somehow the next morning it will be in and on

Morganton – The Deaf School, Clock Tower (Main Building) A hazy figure in the shape of a girl was seen moving slowly across the doorway.

Jacksonville – NC rte. 24 When driving on a flat surface, it feels as though you are going down a step hill. Also heard a specter motorcycle.

Bentonville – Bentonville Battleground Gunfire and shouting can be heard on the battleground and around the trenches at night, and there are countless stories of the plantation house being haunted by those who died there – including a little girl who died of tuberculosis and is said to still haunt one of the upstairs rooms.