Columbiana County – Little Beaver Creek – the bridge over Little Beaver Creek, in Lisbon is haunted. There is said to be strange sounds and ghosts seen. Not too far from there, On Church Hill Road there is another bridge, which is said to be haunted.

Chardon – Heather Hill Hospital – A young boy is seen constantly by nurses, and nursing assistants on area C of the hospital (Usually at night). He is always by himself running into rooms. Workers have followed it into a room and looked all over to find nothing. I have been in rooms working with patients and heard knocking on the walls. Only to find no one awake in the rooms beside or below. Other workers talk of hearing strange knockings too. Some older patients will begin talking this boy while workers are in the room seeing nothing. But when asked for a description the patients describe the little boy dressed in old knickers. Workers at the hospital call him the knicker boy.

Winchester – Winchester cemetery – tears flow from a statue. Arrows on the back of graves that has nothing to do with the children they point to, the children are buried in a circle with one grave of a baby in the center. Voices calling your name as you near the statue that cries.

Milan – Milan cemetery – is rumored to be the stomping grounds of many an restless specter. Lights have been reported to float around the grounds and most bizarre of all is a crucifix – shaped tombstone which seems to “glow” occasionally at night.

Loveland – The Loveland Castle – (which is 30 min from downtown Cincinnati) was built in the 70’s but was never completed, is haunted by many different ghosts. They actually have a picture of a young paige on a kings lap. They obtained it by using a camera that detects heat. The reason they took the picture was that they imported a throne from Europe and noticed it would start rocking back and forth. There have been other strange events that have occurred, the castle has a dungeon that people claim has cold spots. The man who built the castle was named Harry he died due to catching on fire in the garden while burning leaves it is said that he too Haunts the Castle.

Xenia-Spring Hill Elementary
It is said that the ghost of a teacher brutally murdered over 100 years ago on that property roams the school searching for their murder.

Lima- Cry Baby Bridge – The Cry Baby Bridge out side of Lima about a couple miles back in the back roads. The story of it is a mom and her baby died in a car wreck on Halloween night mid night. And if you go to the same bridge on Halloween night at mid night you can hear the baby crying and it’s rattle.

Smith Township- Mahoning County-
Located between Alliance and Sebring, is Lexington Rd. It is more commonly known as “Jewish Cemetery Road”. An elderly caretaker was hit by a car and killed while walking to the cemetery with his dog, to lock up the Cemetery for the night. A short time later, the dog was also hit and killed, supposedly walking the road looking for “Zeke” his master. The ghost of the dog is still seen around dusk close to the cemetery.

Marblehead -“Old Stone House Bed and Breakfast”– Toilets have been heard flushing upstairs on the third floor. A TV that is located on the third floor repeatedly is being turned down after the volume is turned up. Room 11 is suppose to be haunted by a little girl who fell out of the window and fell three floors to her death. The fireplace on the first floor has known to burn embers after a period of time when no one was home. In the basement you can feel some kind of strange feeling of like people behind you.

Cambridge – Northwood Cemetery – A woman in a white formal gown haunts the cemetery on clear summer nights, she will appear and the dissolve in a short time. Looks to be in a dress from the 20s.

Peninsula – Old Boston Township – This place is often called Mutane Town. The entire area is haunted. It’s said if you look in the window of the old slaughterhouse you can see faces. The cemetery is haunted. The church is haunted. There is a crybaby bridge there and it’s said that if you bring an extra set of keys, park on the bridge, turn your car off, lock the doors and walk away with the keys just sitting inside when you come back the car will be covered in dust with little footprints all over it and the car will be running, but still locked.