Lucas County Public Library – Female ghost has been heard walking on third floor in a non public area, especially after hours. Footsteps sounding like high heels on linoleum have been heard.

The Collingwood Arts Center – on Collingwood Ave. has several ghosts inhabiting its rooms, stairways, attic, and auditorium. It used to be a dormitory for nuns and has several nuns that don’t seem to want to leave; including one in the auditorium that walks down the aisle way from the balcony to a certain seat in the theater, sits down and is visible for a few seconds and the vanishes. She has a very negative, angry vibe about her and is not pleasant to witness. There is also a much nicer spirit in the attic who seems to be sewing when seen, who is a nun also. The west hall way in the apartment building has the spirit of a bride who was left at the alter and later killed herself. there is a male entity in one of the rooms and another in the basement.

The state hospital is known to have shadows of people that aren’t really there – cell doors open on their own. Moans are heard from a room on the second floor. And who knows what goes on in the room on the sixth floor where lobotomies and electric shock therapy once took place years ago…

Columbian House – There are various supposed ghosts in the Columbian House in Waterville in Perrysburg. There are also many cold spots in the house and on the grounds. One supposed ghost is heard fiddling in the ballroom. An article on the Columbian House is in one of the “Haunted Ohio” series books.

Ft. Meigs State Memorial – This is an old fort and has many supposed ghosts including blue lights, lights coming on, cold spots, figures and others.

Haunted Rocky Shore – A haunted rocky shore line. A young female ghost appears almost every night at sundown. She walks across the rocky shoreline barefooted in a bright white evening dress. Legend has it that her love sailed out to the lake at dusk, and she went out to look for him. He never came home.