Oxford – Miami University: Peabody Hall – Mrs. Peabody who the hall is named after hated men, and the hall is on the site of the original college for women, today, it is a coed dorm, and males leaning out windows feel a strong pushing on them out the window. Women who are sick and try to get out of bed feel themselves pushed back into bed as if in a motherly manner. Peabody can be seen roaming the halls.

Oxford – Miami University – Reid Hall is haunted due to a murder that occurred many years ago. There was shooting spree after a boy thought his girlfriend was cheating on him and the bloody handprints on the door in the second floor will not go away.

Kent – University Plaza Theatre – The older part of the University Plaza Theatre off the campus of Kent State University, is home to haunting. After hours, the manager has seen what appears to be the back of a patron’s head in the seats. Mysterious things have occurred in the projection room and footsteps can often be heard but there is no one there.

Kent-Masonic Temple-Marvin Kent home-
Masonic Temple former mansion of Marvin Kent. Bessie Kent was burned alive while working with fire in one of the rooms. (Either a kerosene lamp, candle, or lighting a stove) Anyway, this is a well known ghost in Kent. The Kent Free Library also has the ghost of Nellie Dingley, the first librarian to work there. She died as a nurse in WWI.

Athens – Ohio University – the most haunted building on campus is Wilson Hall on West Green. County records show that the dorm was built over an old, Indian burial mound. Most of the Wilson Hall hauntings seem to be centered around the fourth floor. Students have reported seeing apparitions, hearing voices, mysterious slamming doors and flying objects.

Athens – The Ridges – Old State Mental Hospital – after being closed in the 1980’s rumored to be haunted by the locals.

Bowling Green – BGSU’s Joe E. Brown Theatre is rumored to be haunted by a ghost known as “Alice”. The Hat Room in the theatre is also known to have a strange presence and has sent many a student running out for no explainable reason.

Bowling Green – BGSU – Chi Omega sorority house is haunted by a former pledge from the 1940’or 1950’s that got killed by train on the near by train tracks.

University of Dayton’s Campus – The Theta Phi Alpha House – Is supposedly hunted by a young man. Many of the girls who have lived in the home report heavy items that are moves around and lights turning on or off on their own. Often the girls say they can feel a presence and that often when they go to bed at night it is cold and when they wake up they have less energy then they did the night before.

Lake Erie College – Morley Music Hall – It is said that Mrs. Morley and maybe even Mr. Morley still visit. Sometimes even Stephanie. Mostly Mrs. Morley. One time she yelled at the security guard to get out really loud. Others have heard footsteps and even a piano playing downstairs, but when they go investigate no one is there. Others have felt hot or chilling drafts or spots.

Lake Erie College – College Hall – There’s a ghost named Stephanie who haunts mostly the 4th floor, which is closed off now, but they say she can get downstairs through a mirror in the social parlor. She roams everywhere and many people have seen her. She is said to be a student from the 1800’s when it used to be an all girl college and later she killed herself in the belfry. She is very nice though. Non- threatening.