Vermilion – Gore Orphanage road – An orphanage burned down in the early part of the century and as the story goes, all the children died. If you drive down this road “if the conditions are right” you can hear the children crying. Many have claimed to hear the children crying. People have also claimed that there have been banging on their cars and after fleeing quickly causing them to flee in a panic from the area. Once home, if their cars were not clean at the time of the visit, they would find small hand prints on the dust of their cars.

Vermilion- Maple Grove Cemetery – There’s an angel above a grave, that is haunted. Legend goes…mother killed her daughter, and then died a few years later, after the family had put angel by daughter’s grave. It is said that angry spirit of mother resides in angel. Sometime after mother died, local livestock began to show up mysteriously slaughtered in cruel, sadistic manner. Blood was found on hands and mouth of angel, prompting locals to suspect the mother had possessed the angel, and was doing the vile deeds. Local officials took matters into their own hands, clipping the wings of the angels and cutting off the hands. After this, the angel was forced to remain within the cemetery, flightless and without ability to kill. Soon after, rusty streak marks developed under the angel’s eyes, as though she was crying for her sins.